Every company and website is unique. But in case you're wondering which plan is right for you and what you can achieve with DEVHOST's Cloud Hosting plans, here are some examples:

Start-up and Small Business Websites

Downtime and poor performance are embarrassing for online businesses. Your doors are literally closed when your website is offline. Every small business website needs reliability, scalability, and accessibility, but setting up an in-house IT department or hiring a server administrator to take on a dedicated server can be costly. As a start-up or small business owner, you want to focus your time and resources on addressing the needs of your business and clients, not your hosting infrastructure.

DEVHOST plan for you: PCC-S

With DevHost PCC-S, the control panel interface is very user-friendly and deployment is quick, making it easy for you to manage your hosting services and website functionality. The main advantage of cloud hosting is that in the event of a hardware failure, your websites will move to other hardware without any downtime. Compare this to a standalone dedicated server where hardware failure can be disastrous and redundancy is expensive.