VM Autoscaling and Monit

VM Autoscaling is an important feature that allows you to automatically increase the RAM, CPU and disk size of a virtual machine. VM resources are scaled based on the rules you specify.
For example, you can set up a rule that will add 1000MB of memory to a VM if RAM usage has been above 90% for the last 10 minutes, but add no more than 5000MB in total within a 24 hour period.

Your cloud infrastructure supports both "autoscale up" and "autoscale out". For example, on Linux operating systems, you can preset thresholds so that when these thresholds are reached, resources will be "autoscaled up" or "autoscaled out", where the VM is cloned across multiple servers in order to balance traffic.
Monit is a utility for managing and monitoring processes, programs, devices and more on the Linux/Unix system, and is included with all DevHost Private Cloud Cluster plans. In addition to monitoring disk, CPU and load, you can also monitor other things with Monit, such as apache and sendmail. You can also have Monit do basic repairs with the start/stop service if something fails.