Every company and website is unique. But in case you're wondering which plan is right for you and what you can achieve with DEVHOST's Cloud Hosting plans, here are some examples:

Power Bloggers and Rich Media Websites

Giving your users a flawless experience is paramount. Slow page loads, slow content downloads, and website downtime can definitely frustrate your users. This is why media-rich websites need to have a way to handle the fluctuating and unpredictable traffic of today's viral web.

Sudden traffic spikes can cripple websites that are hosted in traditional hosting (shared or dedicated) environment. Whenever you get a burst of traffic coming to your website, you would need to contact your hosting provider to negotiate higher bandwidth caps, purchase new hardware, or simply ride the wave until bandwidth returns to acceptable levels.

DEVHOST plan for you: PCC-XS

With DevHost PCC-XS, you have control over your server resources. You can simply scale your resources to accommodate the influx, and then scale them back when the extra capacity is no longer needed. This allows you to deliver your rich media content quickly, securely and reliably.